HOPS & BERRIES is Fort Collins'
homebrew and wine making supply shop.

Established December 2005, Hops and Berries is conveniently located in Historic Old Town Fort Collins. We are a fully stocked shop and carry everything you need to make beer, wine, mead, soda and cheese at home. We also have a full line of draft equipment and can help get your home system up and running.

With over 100 types of malt, over 85 varieties of whole leaf and pellet hops, White Labs and Wyeast, local honey, a large selection of wine kits as well as ingredients for fruit wine, every piece of equipment you could need and want for your hobby, plus solid advice you can trust, you'll see why we are Northern Colorado's favorite homebrew shop.

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Did you come to the max party on 5/10 and grab a "make your own pint" kit?

Here are the instructions:

Contents: Malt, Hops, Yeast capsule

What you need: 2-qt saucepan, large bowl, strainer, meat thermometer, quart mason jar and lid, 500 ml fliptop bottle (e.g. Grolsch bottle), table sugar.

Instructions: In the saucepan carefully measure two cups of water and note what that looks like. *You’ll need that information later. Bring the water up to 165°. If you have no thermometer, bring to a boil and remove from heat for five minutes, which should get you close. Set aside the hop/yeast ziplock and stir malt into water. Cover with a towel and let sit for 20 minutes, then add one up boiling water and wait 20 minutes. Add two more cups boiling water then carefully strain the liquid from the grain into the large bowl, and toss the grains into the compost. Bring the liquid, or “wort” to a boil and add half of the hops, being careful not to boil over. Boil for 30 minutes, adding water as necessary, aiming to be close to that 2-cup mark* on the pot when you’re done. Add the second half of the hops and remove from heat. After fifteen minutes, gently pour through strainer into VERY CLEAN mason jar and loosely close the lid, set in fridge for one hour. Carefully open yeast cap and pour in, tighten lid and shake well. Loosen lid *important* and set on counter. Make certain the lid is on loose to allow gas to escape. After one week, carefully pour into VERY CLEAN 500ml fliptop and add 1 teaspon table sugar. Close lid and leave in a cool place for three weeks, chill overnight and enjoy!




Class Schedule
(All classes held at the South Store location, $10/person, call or come by to register)

Saturday, August 23rd, 11-1— Mead and Wine Making
Saturday, September 27th, 11-1—All-Grain Brewing & Mash Chem
Saturday, October 25th, 11-1— Basic Extract Brewing